Promoting Green Buildings in Vietnam

In times of rising worldwide energy demand and a growing number of houses and production plants, lowering the environmental impact of construction and operation of these buildings is a crucial element in the overall effort to promote sustainable resource consumption while maintaining economic growth.

As of now, an estimated fraction of 30 % of global carbon emissions and usage of natural resources can be directly linked to the construction and maintenance of buildings. Besides this extensive impact on our global resource budget, buildings and a corresponding living and work environment are sizing interfaces that influence people’s creativity and productivity. A holistic concept is needed considering the multidimensional challenges and chances lying within the design and operation of buildings complying with all the different facets and functions that buildings are requested to supply in today’s world.



The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) as the German national representative of the international Green Building Council is offering various assessments, expertise and certification for voluntary applicants who want to comply with international energy and sustainability standards. Through an evaluation of 40 criteria from different fields, the overall quality of the buildings in terms of environmental, economic, sociocultural, technical, process and site aspects is indicated and rated. Depending on the compliance with the criteria an overall Performance Index is calculated and a label (bronze, silver, gold) is awarded.



Independent assistance and certification is given in the planning phase of new projects as well as for existing building. In addition, DGNB trains new consultants qualifying them to conduct energy assessments independently and audit buildings through the DGNB system later on. Currently, in 2015, DGNB is willing to extend these training services to Vietnam to enable interested parties to get access to the certification process. In parallel assistance is given for the newly constructed Deutsches Haus in Ho Chi Minh City which will be the first DGNB certified building in Vietnam.


As audits and certifications are customized to the sector and utilization of the buildings a special potential of a successful certification of buildings in Vietnam is identified for hotels and other facilities in the tourism sector. Here, a successful certification may serve as useful label to attract more guests sensitive to sustainable resource consumption.

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